Sunday, July 16, 2006

Continue with patchwork

Finally I finished this fantastic work, is just a mini pouch made it with patchwork, let me tell you is a LOT of work, I'm a beginner on this but I found that I really enjoy it is really nice to work with.

I visit my friends from Agomago to buy my fabric they have so much options and lovely colors, actually I would love to start something bigger probably my next project is going to be a tote or something similar.

Here are some details of my little patchwork pouch.

If you want to make it this pouch the most important, a lot of pieces of fabric for quilt and paper, paper? yes hexagons of paper 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm. If you don't want to cut all of them you can buy them here.

Very important materials.


Sure there are sisters, almost one mount of work two little pouch bout handmade 100%

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Cecilia said...

Your pouch is lovely, with japanese style. I like hexagons very much. I love your city, I walked around your neighborhood few years ago and bought earrings there.