Thursday, November 16, 2006


I made a mix of my last creations, most of them are yellow, orange, mustard, etc.

By the way, my friend Rosy from Mexico send me a beautiful yarn on very brilliant colors (tradiotional from Mexico) and I wanted to make something diferent and unique, so finally I'm going to use my TRICOT which I found in a very old "Merceria" in down town of Florence, where I will try to take some pictures, because I love that place, the guy is so funny. I don't know how many bottons they have on it, I can't inmagine the inventarie day. Here is my tricot work.... which is part of my bag.

The process comming soon.


Anne said...

Wow Cyn, everything is gorgeous! You do some wonderful knitting too. I see you're doing well on etsy. Good luck to you.

Mikachan said...

Cool works! if want, visit my site and join in my b-days page! ^_*

Lu said...

brava cyn!!
le tue cose sono meravigliose!!!