Monday, May 07, 2007

San Diego and my new creations

I'm in San Diego California, visiting my family and probably I will stay more that three monts from now, :( I really miss my home in Tuscany and my little Toribio who died two weeks ago I really miss him.
Since I'm in USA I'm traying to find new materials to work with and new things to create.

These are some of my lastest creations.

This is a beautiful tote handmade 100% with a fatastic embroidery little garden on it. Using a great mini buttons.

So many little squares but it was fun work on this Tote, old fashion style but at the same time beautiful and usefull Bag.


I love to create with flowers, and this time is embroidery what I add it. This is a great pouch embellished with felt. All my bags and pouches are linen with cotton fabrics with a beatiful pattersn.


Actually is not the original Crazy quilt, but is a mix of many technics, mola (art form), quilt, embroidery and patchwork. It was really dificult to make it but I thing the results are really good. Front and back faces are the same.

Great crooked line pattern!!! -- this a nice comment for this bag of my friend Laurraine who also made a lovely patchwork bags.

And also I have to mention my mother's bag I create this tote for her because she wanted something small for some of her magazines :) She love it.


This bag is an original machine embroidery on the fabric, I really love the color and the material. The size is great to carrie everything on it.


This is a Tote bag with a big handles, also on this bag I add some embrodery with little buttons and I quilted. Great for your magazines or use it as a shopping bag.


Billie said...
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Billie said...

I love your handbags, absolutely beautful!! I hope our weather isn't too warm for you, it should be cooling off soon. You have a great blog, too.

Steph said...

Love your sense of color! Your bags are great!

LoveDynamite said...

LOve the non-patchy bag
good stuff here:D

eugenia gina said...

woow.. your work is soo beautifuul! I love the details and the color combination too...