Friday, December 21, 2007

Finally in Italy

Cyncontemporary, originally uploaded by Cyn.xox.

After 6 mounts or maybe more finally I can writte something on my blog. I had been so busy and out of home, but finally I'm working hard on my bags, well this is a new touch of color.

I start to use a lot of new materials and shapes, fist I found I lovely japanese book that give me so much ideas and inspirations. Thanks to it I can do most of my creations.


ismoyo said...

Those bags are truly amazing! LOVE them.
Happy holidays to you!

jenifer said...

Very nice handbags..I have good collection of handbags which I bought from Coach store through

eva said...

Truly nice handbags! I hope you have time to post about your new creations often :)

bergamotka said...

!hola! me encantan tus bolsos de fieltro. soy de Polonia y hago las bolsas de filtro con agua caliente y jabon.