Saturday, January 19, 2008

Black and pink are great together

Black and pink are great together, originally uploaded by Cyn.xox.

This is the history of this bag, walking for the streets I found a little store of fabrics in Florence and I fallowing in love immediately when I saw this black and white material, in person looks like it was made by hand, is really nice, ok I made this bag with a great size to put all your stuff (a paradise for any women) :)))) I hope you like it.


sewserious said...

Very cute! Love the fabric, what a great find.

willywagtail said...

Hello from Australia. I have been looking back over your last year or so of blogs and I think you are one very talented lady. I really love your felt cutouts. Do you cut them yourself with a scalpel or something? I'm going to put you down as one of my favourite blogs. Thankyou!

Dina said...

its a very nice bag. wish it was bigger i need all the space i can get!