Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tiny fabric flower

I just learn to make these little tiny flowers, are made with fabric in both sides back and front, they are fantastic because have a tridimentional look.

Today is a rainy day so I am working on my bags and what a great moment to make a bag with this new appliqué.

I will mix with one of my felt appliques that I had been made. and you will see what a great bag I'm going to make.


flanthrower said...

I love love love this! What kind of fabric are you using? How do you get the flowers to keep such nice shape?

ismoyo said...

They are so cute!
Doesn't the fabric edges fray? Or you used some sort of fraycheck?
Very pretty grouped together like that!

maaria said...

What a lovely idea... *speechless*

♥ maaria

Lea Thayer said...

Absolutely lovely as usual! You are so creative and love how you chose to use burlap!