Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lovely creations from lovely Kutz's costumers

I really like to make my own treasury on my own site. Yes I would like to featured all my customers that until now they make awesome creations with their "KUTZ" you will see what a beautiful things they made with flowers, birds, branch, leaves etc, and some of them their own designs.

I have to say that on Etsy I founded many many nice people that after many convos and transactions we become friends. Thank you all also for your support, special now that I am in a middle of a hard situation in my life.

Priscilla from Germany has a new shop on Etsy calls Labgeneyus she make a custom order on Kutz and make this mask take it from Martha Steward. I really love how it comes.

Thank you Pricilla for your support and your lovely creations.

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