Friday, March 06, 2009

New in town.

I apologize to all my friends, for be so quiet, I had been in a terrible moments on my life, and in a big change and move too.

I start a new life in San Diego near to my family, and I left Italy for a moment, even though I miss it so much.

After my big move I start to work on KUTZ again two mounts ago and I am so happy that everything is running well, after all.

I had been working in the last days on Jewelry there are simple pieces but I love them.


Liz Edgar said...

Welcome to San Diego, Cynthina. I hope things settle down for you after your big move. Your shop is very cute and colorful!

SDEC Team member

Sharon - Pixie Bows said...

Welcome to San Diego. I am up in Orange County but moved here from South Africa, I know how hard it is to be away from home. Anyway, I found you on Etsy and am going to be placing an order with you soon as we have a hair accessory business and I just LOVE your felt!

Cyncontemporary said...

thank you so much for your order Sharon, I hope you love your Kutz, have fun and enjoy the sun of California :)