Monday, March 23, 2009


Tami is a great artist with a beautiful and interesting profile:

I am a romantic at heart (stemming from my Italian/French heritage?) and I love writing inspirational love stories, as well as children's books. My first book is now published and on many websites including Amazon. It is a non fiction and centers around our precious son who was born with bipolar disorder. It is our life with him thus far and how we tried to help him, etc...
Just key in the title:
Raising Stephen One Day at a Time

An Autumn Craft article has also been purchased by Highlights for Children Magazine.

I have also been featured in the May/June 2006 issue of Country Woman Magazine portraying the gardens I create for each grandbaby as they come along- complete with brass engraved garden sign.
At the time it was about my first two grand babies. I've been planting ever since as our family has grown to almost 8 grandbabies, number 7 due in January 09 and number 8 due in June!

I am TOTALLY passionate about food!!! Especially Italian food! Olive oil is liquid gold!

Thanks for stopping, and above all else, have a beautiful day!


She has been work with my silhouettes, and has a great ideas to use them, like this skit

Thank you Tami to be a wonderful friend and client!!!

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Mama Bear said...

Do you know how to get a hold of Tami, I read her book and want to interview her for my blog:

My son also has a mood disorder and I would love to reach out to her to learn from her experience.

Thank you!
Mama Bear