Monday, June 01, 2009


Today I add a new link to my blog Intres is a great artist from Spain she made the most beautiful trees and huts on Felt, she's great working with felt.

Today I would like to talk about my new and first medallions, this is the first time that I work with wood but honestly this was an accident (like all the experiments) mounts ago I bought these rings

from popcorntree from Italy she call this wood "woodbeech" (The wood is called "Beech" and it is a medium hard kind of wood 100% Italian wood!), well I bought those to make again this purse but nothing, the rings were too small fot my bag, so I decided to use them as frame for my medallions, with a piece of linen and some of my little tiny felt flowers I made this medallions.

I hope you like them.


BululuStudio said...

So cute...Good luck with your "accident" ;D

gül said...

small, cute and sweet,