Monday, July 03, 2006


This weekend I worked with a fantastic color "Red" this time I made a notebook and a purse inspiring with a Fendi classic model.

I wanted to make something where I can use my cuts, so I used a handmade notebook and I decored with my own cuts, and some red and white fabric. Also make a book covers could be a good idea. Bur for now, this is a nice idea to make a lovely gift.

Inspiring in a Classic Fendi purse I make this one, White and Red with this particular ribbon from argentina, these ribbon is very tipical from "las pampas" in Argentina the name of these ribbon is Guardapampa, I when to Argentina two years ago, and I saw these ribbon almost in everywhere but mostly in Handbags and wallets, and the last mount a friend of mine went to Argentina and they brough me some of this fantastic ribbon.

This is my first purse, and I feel that I love to create more of this particular style, I see that so many girls use it.

Starting with stationary

In Florence you can find a lot of Stores of stationary very fashionable and artistic, Italians are so artistics for this, well on my part I make this Journal using my cuts as applique, and I found that is very easy and fun to make it. I remember an Agenda from my cousin many years ago similar but in other colors, should I consider vintage? Any way I think that the most important is using the materials that we have. I don't have to many fabrics and cut designs but I think that I can make many things with what I have. :)


Paula460 said...

pero que lindo! me ha encantado la libreta! que lastima que esten tan lejos ;)
te vulevo a felicitar por tu trabajo

Paula460 said...

ups! se me cayo el comentario sobre el bolso... lindi, pero muy lindo color y trabajo