Monday, June 19, 2006

Felt and Patchwork

I found this great combination Felt and patchwork, I love it I don’t have a lot of fabrics but I found the rite colors for this purse, I really enjoy it do this project was really fun.
Last week I make a lot of cuts, butterflies, flowers, enough to work with. In Italy is difficult to find nice and colorful fabrics but I found this shop Ago Mago where I had been learn a lot on appliqué and patchwork, this purse was inspired from a Japanese book great tool!!! But my next project hope to be something bigger, or more fashional.

I had been so busy on my weekends because I have enough time to create and design.

Insider detail


di gigi said...

bellissima veramente!!!!

Geisa do Carmo said...

Bellissima !!! Congratulations!!
Patchwork and felt,good idea.