Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Japanese fabric

My obsession...fabrics! I love them and now I have that passion for Japanese fabric (and I don't just mean Japanese patterns). I love some Japanese designers! A good example of this is this bag. I made it with Saito fabrics. I love just them, by the way.

this bag with I should start to talking about the flower because I made this bag FOR this flower (sounds strange but it's the true). Last week I took a course to make this flower. It looks difficult but is not. It takes time but is absolutely fun make! So the thing is, when I made this flower, I thought it would be perfect as brouche. But I found it would also be perfect to adorn a bag. I decided AAAHH!!! I need to make a bag for this flower! I thought it should be something contemporary and something light (because we are almost in spring). So I designedJapanese fabric on the outside and inside. And I added a very simple adornment it too - some Ethnic beads as a final touch.

This is the flower

and this is the bag.

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