Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pencil case

I wanted to make something different this time, and small so, I made this pencil case, I found those little buttons (flowers and stars) that remember me I don't know why my days in the kinder garden, probably is because I loved to draw those little flowers, many of us we need something soft and special to carrie special things, special pens or special little things well this is the riath pouch to have in your bag.

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iHanna said...

you are my new flickr-friend, I love the cute quilted stuff you make - and this pen case is so lovely!

Sarah and Jack said...

Your pencil pouch is very cute!

Paula460 said...

que liiiiiiiindo! el otro dia mi hija mayor (que este año entro a estudiar diseño a la universidad) me pidio que le hiciera un estuche para sus lapices... y lo que me resulto...es para llorar :(